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About us
Vision / Mission / Slogan / Logo

       Increase government income, ameliorate society and comply with good governance principles.
          Produce and distribute lottery, conduct lottery draw, pay the prizes and gradually initiate new products in order to generate revenue to the government.
          Promote and support social responsibilities and activities. 
          Enhance its employees’ capabilities, develop a modern organization and comply with best practices in management principles and good governance
       "Assist communities, support government and insist fairness"
       Three main missions toward CSR:
        We try to lighten the load of the Government’s tasks by increasing job opportunities for underprivileged people. Then they can have better life and live in the society. 

        We are a state enterprise with the purpose of providing revenue for the Government so that it can spend the budget on several projects such as society and environment, religion, education, public health, sports, arts and culture and many more according to the state’s policies.
        In some society’s point of view, we are a legal entity for vice and gambling. Lottery draw, one of our core missions, affects vastly on their personal earnings. Their hope is delicate and endless. We are to create ‘trust’ and ‘faith’ within our organization and beyond where we commit on fairness and justice.


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