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GLO & World Lottery

The role of GLO of Thailand as a member of World Lottery Association and the Association of Asia Pacific Lottery.
GLO of Thailand has joined and became a member of the Federation of International Association of State Lotteries, No. 43 in 1960 and has sent representatives to attend the meetings which are held all throughout 1984.  GLO of Thailand has been honored to host the International Meeting No. 15 in Bangkok during November 13-16, 1984 when Dr. Panas Simasathien was the president of GLO. That event was a great Meetings and receptions for the international guests both in Bangkok and Suan Sampran. They were impressed and admired in Thai ways and traditions.
In 1999, International Association of State Lotteries has consolidated itself into the Intertoto which is World Lottery Association: WLA therefore, the GLO of Thailand has become a member of the World Lottery since then until now.

Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA) is one of the five regional associations which was established in 2000 by the purpose of World Lottery Association (WLA). The current president is Mrs.June Roache from South Australian Lotteries while GLO of Thailand has participated as a member of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association in the same year.

Association Structure

Asia Pacific Lottery Association has managed by the board of director and at least 5 committees have to be formed and not more than 7 which included various positions: for example,  President, Vice President and Committees which determines and requires 25 organizations from 11 countries to set the associate and is combined with 11 organizations as well. The requirement and qualification of membership are as follows: 1. Be a member of the World Lottery Association 2. The office is located in the Asia Pacific and must pay the membership fee as prescribed.

Pattern of Thai Lottery


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